Blackjack Strategy

With flat betting, you may not win a lot of money with every win, but you will also minimize your overall losses with every loss. With any other system of blackjack out there, you may win a lot whenever you win, but you will also lose so much more compared to with flat betting. Think about it. Probably the greatest way to show you why flat betting would be the greatest system of betting as more time goes by would be to play around 10,000 hands with it and 10,000 hands with another betting system. As more time goes by, you will see that your bankroll is gone with the other betting system. However, with flat betting, you will even have a small profit in the end.

The Secret of Flat Betting

The secret to succeeding with flat betting lies in taking advantage of every good hand and win several additional units with them. You will still have to play hands with double down and split pairs in order to try to win more money, of course. In fact, this is where flat betting will make you a lot of money. And even though you won't see huge profits right away, you will get quite a nice bankroll as more time goes by.

When to Use Flat Betting

A great time to use flat betting would be during card counting. Every casino frowns upon this practice and is therefore probably not even a consideration for you. However, a lot of card counters swear that flat betting will keep any casino's attention of you. Sit at your table for several hands and simply flat bet while learning more about your dealer. It will help to talk to him, as well as to the other players, so you won't look like a card counter. After you gain the edge, you can start raising bets as needed. Just make sure that you don't go straight to $50 after a $5 bet. This would look strange and may draw unwanted attention towards you. Be minimally suspicious during card counting with the help of flat betting. This means only making tiny bet increases once the deck lies to your advantage.

It should be clear by now that flat betting can be used in different situations, so try those situations out whenever you can. Even the majority of blackjack beginners can try out this strategy since it is highly sustainable and incredibly easy. If you count cards or want to count cards during blackjack games, then flat betting is an absolute must to keep everybody's attention away from you - remember that.


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