Blackjack Odds

It would be vital to learn how casinos gain an edge that aids them in winning when it comes to blackjack. On that note, it would also be vital to learn about the odds of blackjack, like the odds that exist of getting a 10 or a blackjack. Read these charts to understand blackjack logistics today.

The Blackjack Advantages of the Dealer and the Casino

In the majority of casino blackjack games, the house edge lies at ~ 8%. This advantage is gained because the dealer acts last. This means that every player has already decided on their own hands, which gives them higher chances of busting before their dealer even gets his turn.

By putting the right blackjack strategy to use, you can change that blackjack edge and turn it into 0.5%. You can usually also change the odds of blackjack by properly putting advanced tactics of card counting to use, giving yourself an edge above that of the casino. This would be why the majority of casinos forbid card counters form playing the game in the first place.

The Chances of Busting on Hits

It would be extremely vital to know what chances your hand has of busting when you get a hand in blackjack. This odds chart will show you the busting odds in blackjack, depending on what hand you have:

On the other hand, this odds chart will show the dealer's odds in the final hand. The dealer is going to have a hand that totals every corresponding value (until 16). Read this chart in order to understand what odds the dealer will have to get his last hand.

As for the next chart, the first columns will explain the odds that the dealer will bust and will depend on the dealer's up card. You should remember that he has higher busting chances with a 5. Column number three will show the edge of the player with this particular strategy opposed to every dealer up card. You will see the greatest player edge at 23.9%, the same time the dealer has a 5. If the dealer ever shows cards of at least 9, the player's edge will be negative.


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