blackjack online

Most people consider gambling to be a very exciting pastime. It is just impossible to keep your cool when talking about blackjack online, love it or hate it. In the past decades to play a game of blackjack people had to pay casinos a visit or play with friends at home. Nowadays things became much simpler. It's not mandatory to leave the house to play a game of blackjack, the only thing needed is a decent internet connection. With the possibility of playing blackjack at the comfort of your home gamblers are in the best state of comfort with a great chance to enjoy a great time playing blackjack online.

So let's get acquainted a little bit closer with one of the best online blackjack games up to date. In an online game there can be from ten to two players, you can either play with a computer competitor or play blackjack online with real players like yourself. The large amount of different online blackjack tournaments take place daily on the internet because online blackjack gambling is as popular as ever. Usually the blackjack online games use 32, 36, 52 and 54 packs of cards. After the cards are dealt the goal of the online blackjack games is to collect a total of 21 points. For the points to be counted a gradational system is used: the cards ranging 2 to 10 correlate to their points, jack - 2 points, queen - 3 points, king - 4 points, the ace has several ways of valuation, you can get 1 or 11 points for it based on your needs.

The Banker

Set the players aside another important part in blackjack online is a banker. He is like an accountant who announces the sum of the bank and deals with all material matters in blackjack online. A note of any amount can be put in the bank. At the beginning of each game, when the bank has been put down by all the players, one card is dealt by the banker to the person sitting to the left from him, the received by the banker who then reveals it and shows to all the players. The first card is dealt from the top of the deck and the rest are dealt from under the deck as a rule.

All the player's stakes must be named before all cards are dealt. The stoke sum mustn't exceed the total of the bank. Upon the stakes taking place the player must ask for one card to be given by the banker to him/her. He/she may ask for another card if the combination of points does not please the player. The banker does not take any cards if some players have 21 points at the beginning of a game the player receives his/her reward. If there is no one with 21 points, the banker takes the cards and asks for the players to be shown. The player with the biggest total of points wins. The player who has more than 21 points loses, and pays the fine.

As far as you notice blackjack online is a very interesting and fun game.


Bonus: $555;
Match: 200%;
Software: Vegastech

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Bonus: $800;
Match: 125%;
Software: Realtimegaming

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Bonus: $250;
Match: 150%;
Software: Topgame

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