Blackjack Tips

Basic Tips

  • If you're a blackjack beginner, try to play on online casinos that offer up practice modes with autoplay for some help. Keep playing until you get used to the game first, so you don't keep losing money in a foolish manner.
  • Always predetermine the personal bankroll you will play with, so you don't spend money in the middle of the game, just because you're feeling "lucky".
  • Pick a table with a bet that is 5% (at most) of your personal bankroll. By doing this, you won't lose as much overall and will get to enjoy the game much more instead of finishing your gameplay after only two hands.
  • Memorize your basic strategy, use it and stay with it, regardless of what happens. This happens to be the most vital tip that you can get. If you only have plans of following one tip, this would be it!
  • Blackjack's goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer. So do not think about the dealer too much; think of the number 21 instead. Doing this will help you win more than you bust.

Other Tips

  • Insurance should be reserved for card counters alone. Since it isn't possible to count cards over the Internet, do not do it when you play online. In fact, forget insurance completely in such cases.
  • Only choose to split when you have pairs of 8s or Aces. Never split when you have 10s or face cards.
  • Know exactly when to stand and hit. Keep hitting until you get 17 or higher and always stand on 17. Hit on soft 18s whenever the dealer holds a 10.
  • Watch each value. If your dealer has a 7 or up, play until you get at least 17.
  • Variation is vital. Change your bets every now and then depending on what result you get. Increase them whenever you win and decrease them whenever you lose. Do not forget this rule, no matter how exciting the game may get.


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