How to play blackjack

Blackjack, or 'twenty one', is considered as one of the most popular and widespread online casino games by right. The reason for such popularity is obvious: blackjack comprises all features to be a perfect gambling entertainment, as it is easy to learn, interesting to play, captivating to watch, this game has good chances for winning (especially if you know how to make odds favor you) and you can vary your winnings making clever bets! Besides, blackjack game has a lot of different variations, which differ greatly not only in odds, but also in payouts and even in game running. Due to the fact that blackjack is a game of skill and any player could reach astonishing winning results if applies his or her knowledge of blackjack theory and blackjack rules correctly, you may win each round of your blackjack game. But you have to be well practiced to do that. If you are a game fan, you may play a lot making small bets until you master your skills enough for making high bets and playing hard. Although, the main object of the game is formulated quite simply - to beat the dealer's cards combination without exceeding 21 point,- but there are still a lot of place for blackjack tricks left. You should know not only how to beat the dealer and not to bust, but also how to make the situation favorable for you even if you have bad hand. Blackjack is game of possibilities and decision, so do not miss your chance to win a lot!

You should also know that opposed to most casino games 'twenty one' provides players with attractively low casino blackjack odds. In some cases of clever players' blackjack strategy usage the house advantage might be even converted into their own favor, which makes the game really challenging. It is very easy to do following game strategies and tips, which you will find at our website. These tips may be a little bit difficult to remember, but practicing you will perfect them and they will benefit you for sure. As it was mentioned before, there are so many blackjack variations that even most hard-to-please gamblers could choose blackjack games that suit them perfectly. If you hesitate which of them to choose, we advise you not only to look through odds of all of them, but also their rules. If you prefer to play online, you may play trial versions of blackjack variations which will give you a better opportunity to understand which of game variations will be right for you. Here you will find all information on blackjack game and their variations. If you hesitate in some game rules or want to know more about odds – you are welcome to read the best blackjack articles here!

Blackjack Origins

According to blackjack theory, this game was originated from France in the 17th century. This game became popular in Europe at once and came to America only in the beginning of the 20th century. Anyway, blackjack has a lot to surprise us with: history has not been written yet.  

Blackjack Odds

Being a game of skills, blackjack gives its gamblers a chance to predict the results and evaluate their chances for winning. The main thing to do is to count your odds of winning and follow some blackjack tricks to increase your chances to beat blackjack card game for sure.  


Bonus: $555;
Match: 200%;
Software: Vegastech

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Bonus: $800;
Match: 125%;
Software: Realtimegaming

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Bonus: $250;
Match: 150%;
Software: Topgame

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