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Beating the Dealer

Pretend you're playing the game and get 12 as a hand, while the dealer gets an up card of 5. Now, you are still quite far from getting a 21, right? So, if your goal in the game is to get closer to 21, shouldn't you get another card to reach that goal? The answer is actually no. The real goal of blackjack is beating the dealer. Therefore, the greatest blackjack strategy in such a case would be to stand.

If the dealer gets a 5 as an up card, there is actually quite a good chance of him having a 10 as a hole card - a total of 15. Now, because the rules of blackjack require dealers to hit when they get a 15, there will be even higher chances of him getting at least a 7 next - a complete bust.

Once he busts, you will be declared the winner, even with your measly 12. This is how you can really win when it comes to blackjack: just beat the dealer.

Using a Strategy Chart

After understanding the real goal of online blackjack, it is time for you to try and make more sense out of the strategy chart of the game. This chart may not show you how you can get closer to 21, but it will show you how to read your hand and the dealer's up card properly, so you can find the greatest way to win based on every factor present.

If your hand is 12 while the dealer has an up card of 6, the strategy chart of blackjack will advise you to stay put. As mentioned earlier, there will be high chances of the dealer busting and you winning in such blackjack cases.

But what if you have a 12 while the dealer shows a 7? Well, in such cases, the strategy chart of blackjack will make you hit. This is because there are high chances of the dealer getting a 10, giving him a 17 overall. Since blackjack rules make dealers stand with a 17, that 17 will win against your 12. So do something to beat that: hit and win over the 17 of the dealer.


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