Blackjack Games

Added Blackjack Variants to its Common Version

  • Blackjack Pro is a blackjack variant in which player can't fold without having a total of 11 or 10. Players aren't permitted to double down after re-splits or splits. Players aren't allowed to surrender or hit after splitting Aces, either. A tie would mean that nobody wins.
  • Double Exposure, also known as Dealer Disclosure, will show you the cards of the dealer. The disadvantage gets imposed by casinos with ties that favor the dealer, though this isn't the case with blackjacks; those pay out equal money. Blackjacks that come about after hits will not get payments. However, splits are allowed, though more cards cannot be asked for after folding.

Blackjack Variants that Stray from its Common Version

  • Triple Shot is a game of blackjack that is more creative and comes with various stages. This blackjack variant includes multiple players and every player will only get one card. Whoever has the highest hand will win.
  • Extreme 21 gives every player a turn versus the dealer. Every money hand that equals to 21 wins. No draws exist and players are allowed to split pairs and fold.
  • Bonus Blackjack allows players to bet on the initial letters of both outcomes. Two decks are used for this game to increase their chances, but the house will pay out less.
  • Triple 7s is a blackjack variation that pays bonuses for having at least one 7. The hand with the most value would be the Triple 7 Diamond. Another attraction here would be progressive jackpots, where prize pools exist.
  • Matchplay 21 is quite similar to Triple 7s, though there are no 10s inside the deck and no progressive jackpots, either. Still, the casino pay is a great 40:1 when the dealer's top card is 7. No payment comes for blackjacks after splitting pairs, though.


Bonus: $555;
Match: 200%;
Software: Vegastech

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Bonus: $800;
Match: 125%;
Software: Realtimegaming

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Bonus: $250;
Match: 150%;
Software: Topgame

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